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Understanding Web Hosting
Managing Your Domain Name
Configuring Your Email
Designing Your Website
Selling Online
Managing Your Account
Finding Help Onsite

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User Guide - Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Web Hosting

    Learn how web hosting works, and what it means for you.

  2. Managing Your Domain Name

    Get acquainted with our domain management tool - learn how to consolidate, manage, and renew your domains.

    • What is a Domain?
    • Using DomainCentral
    • Consolidate All Domains into DomainCentral
    • Manage All of Your Domains
    • Renew Your Domain
  3. Designing Your Website

    View demos on our site building tools, and get an overview of the design services we offer.

    • Design Yourself, or Call the Professionals?
    • Resources for Designing Yourself
    • Professional Site Design Services
  4. Selling Online

    Learn what you need to sell online, how to accept payments, and the different ways to create an online store.

    • What You Need
    • Accepting Payments
    • Creating a Store
  5. Finding Help Onsite

    Learn how to navigate the Knowledge Base and contact our Support Team.

    • Search the Knowledge Base
    • Contact Support