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Domain and Account Ownership and Verification

This article explains how one can verify the ownership of an account or a domain. 

Ways to verify:

  1. Security question: set up when the account was created, or updated once logged in.
  2. Last four digits or current credit card on account.

If you cannot verify...

  1. We can send you a password reset email. We cannot tell you which address is on the account, only what type it is, ie. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  2. We can inform you if a business or individual owns an account for the purpose of informing you of which type of ownership documents to send. We CANNOT disclose the business name or the account holder's name.

Ownership Verification

To resolve a domain or account ownership issue, please visit the Account Ownership page. Please review the instructions for which documents you will need to send in. You must select what Ownership Type you are requesting: (Domain/Account/IRTP) and provide the appropriate documents outlined on the page.

The Compliance team will process the ticket within 24-72 hours. If the documentation does not match, you will be contacted via email stating what documents are needed in order to verify. If the documentation matches account verification, the account will be updated with your email address, and a password reset will be sent. If the documentation matches for domain verification, the domain will be moved to a domain holding account that will allow you access.


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